For your convenience, Avantik has compiled the specification sheets and brochures for some of our most popular products and made them available for download. Click on the item that you are looking for below, and a new window will open with your pdf ready to go. if there is an item that you would like more information or a specification sheet for, please contact your local representative, or Click Here to contact our customer service department to speak with someone regarding your request. Thank you for your business and we look forward to serving you soon.



Avantik Catalog

Achieve Total Workflow Control

Mohs Lab Solutions

QS12 Cryostat


Block Storage

Color Coded Reagent Label Matching System

Ink Cartridge Replacement Program

Ink Cartridge Replacement Program (Install Instructions)

LP16 Slide Label Printer (Mohs)

Optik Type 1

Optik Type 2

Reagent & Supply Package (Mohs)

Reagent & Supply Package (Path)

SP15 Slide Printer

SureBond & SureSlide Slides

SureHold Safety Scalpel

Taped Cassettes

Trim Blade Dispenser

Trim Blade Dispenser (Instructions)

UltraFin Paraffin


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