The Advanced UV Disinfection Robot


Protect Patients and Healthcare Personnel from Infections with the UV Disinfection Robot

Avantik offers the world's first, fully autonomous UV disinfection robot to substantially reduce hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). The technologically advanced UVD Robot is used as part of the regular cleaning cycle, and aims at preventing and reducing the spread of infectious diseases, viruses, bacteria, and other types of harmful organic microorganisms in the environment by breaking down their DNA-structure.

The UVD Robot is safe, reliable, and provides significant labor savings, operational costs, and increased efficiencies. The robot eliminates human error by repeating the process with absolute precision, time and time again. The UVD Robot is user friendly and easy to integrate into cleaning staff daily workflows.

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Features & Benefits of the UV Disinfection Robot


• World's first fully autonomous mobile platform

• Emits concentrated UV-C light onto high, medium and low touch surfaces

• Kills 99.99% of bacteria

• Moves position without human interaction, drastically reducing shadow areas

• Inactivates any remaining pathogens after manual cleaning processes

• Room disinfection time of 10-15 minutes


• Increased efficacy and reduction of HAIs

• Labor and operational cost savings

• Fast and efficient disinfection process

• Eliminates the spread of infectious microorganisms in the environment

• Safe, reliable and user-friendly operation by hospital cleaning staff

• Easy to install and use


How the UV Disinfection Robot Works


Cleaning Workflow Optimization


Beaming Distances

One advantage of the UV Disinfection Robot is its' ability to move around the room, while providing sufficient time and sufficient proximity to be most effective in reducing the number of active viri and bacteria as the illustration below demonstrates.



The Laws of Physics

The laws of physics govern UV-C light. Shadowing and distance to surface have limitations. This is not the case for the UV Disinfection Robot, as it can reposition itself to minimize shadow and reduce the radiation distance. When the disinfection process is complete, the robot will compile a comprehensive disinfection report for your records.

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Financial Benefits

UV-C light is a proven method against the spread of pathogens and viruses. Traditional UV-C disinfection stationary methods are limited however, due to the laws of physics, where distance and shadows play an integral role in achieving optimal disinfection effectiveness. The UV Disinfection Robot removes these limitations and at the same time, saves you substantial money and time.

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Case Study - Surgical Suite

The UV Disinfection Robot performed a disinfection of an entire surgical suite of 17 rooms including corridors. The entire disinfection was completed in under 2 hours and involved less than 10 minutes manual labor. The surgical suite was made up of a shared recovery area and 4 individual surgical suite units, each with its own anesthetic room, scrub room, and prep room.

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Brochure and Specifications

Download the UV Disinfection Robot Overview Brochure & Specifications

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