About Avantik Biogroup

With our roots firmly planted in Service of histology equipment since 1971, we have a unique perspective on histology labs and the laboratory needs of histotechnicians. Having great longevity in the service industry, and our excellent corporate headquarters location, just outside New York City, in Springfield, NJ, allows us the opportunity to have been in almost every histology lab in Northeast United States. This experience gives us a breadth of knowledge which is beyond compare in the histology supply industry.  Our years of experience, and our coverage area affords us a thorough understanding of the relationship between the human aspect of each and every histology laboratory, and the equipment, instruments, consumable goods, and how the lab technician uses them in the lab. Because of our strong relationships with our customers, we are afforded insights into the histology laboratory which no other company has. We are given problems to solve, and from these problems come some of our best ideas for new equipment, value added consumable goods and support to offer as solutions to the problems our future customers may encounter in their laboratories! 


Avantik Biogroup offers the industry's only Truly OEM Remanufactured Histology Instruments and Equipment. Do not let other companies fool you into thinking that their operations are qualified in remanufacturing, as only Avantik and Belair Intrument Company have been trained by the major manufacturers on proper maintenance, service and support techniques. Coupled with our qualifications from manufacturers, we have an extensive protocol in order to have an instrument or piece of equipment complete the process to become "Belair Instrument Company Certified Remanufactured". We also offer new equipment and instruments, such as the world's most accurate and intuitive cryostat available, the Revolutionary Avantik QS12 and QS12UV Cryostats. Click here for more information on our Remanufactured and New Histology Equipment Offerings.


Avantik Biogroup offers histology labs a complete line of histology consumable goods with value added benefits like color coded reagent and stain bottles, and matching tissue processor reagent and stain labels, so there is less chance of ruined specimen in your lab! No company, but Avantik Biogroup, would spend the time and care to accomplish this for our clients. With a constant stream of innovative new ways to look at the same old histology products, Avantik Biogroup is proud to call ourselves innovators in the industry and our clients can attest to that! Click here to see why Avantik Biogroup will become your Histology Laboratory resource!

Service and Support

With our roots in the Service of histology equipment for more than 45 years, we understand the histology lab and the ever changing requirements from lab managers for Preventative Maintenance, Service and Support. Our Belair Service technicians are manufacturer trained and certified to perform maintenence, service and technical support for all the major brands of instruments and histology equipment in the histology laboratory, this provides us with the confidence to be able to say that nobody, but an Avantik Biogroup and /or Belair Instrument Company trained technician knows more about the care, service and support of the histology Laboratory! Click here to get more information on Avantik Biogroup, Service and Support. 

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