Consumables are the fuel that keeps your lab running. Quality and availability are critical. Avantik gives you that and more. Offering a complete line of histology consumables, we support every aspect of laboratory operations to help you increase efficiency and maximize productivity. This is Total Workflow Control in action.


We take quality and performance very seriously. Avantik guarantees the quality of 100% of our products, 100% of the time. Period.


The best quality consumable won’t do your laboratory any good if they’re not on hand when you need them. You can scratch inventory off the list of things you have to worry about. With Avantik, it’s all under control.

  • Same day shipping (when ordered before 3 p.m. EST) on all stock products with virtually no backorders
  • Inventory management solutions that eliminate storage hassles and increase productivity


Even non-technical tasks in the lab can disrupt the workflow.

  • Our consultative approach enables us to fully understand your needs. We’re continuously working on real-world innovation that helps keep your workflow seamless.
  • We are always on the lookout for ways to eliminate mistakes and delays.
  • Our reagent labels and cassettes are color-coded to make it easy for technicians to find the right product quickly, every time.
  • We introduced the industry’s first jam-free, hassle-free block storage cabinet.
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