Consumables Overview

Quality products are the fuel that keeps your lab running - Avantik offers a complete line of histology consumables. We support every aspect of laboratory operation to help you increase efficiency and maximize productivity.

Cost-Effective Histology Products:

We offer over 1,000 Avantik-branded products. Avantik-branded products are of superior quality and are cost-effective solutions to lab needs.

Same Day Shipping:

Place your order by 3 p.m. EST and in-stock products will ship the same day.

No Backorders:

Nearly 1,000 products are guaranteed to be in stock. In the unlikely event that an in-stock product is not in stock, your item will be shipped free of charge.

Quality Guarantee:

If a product is found defective or does not meet quality requirements, we will replace it free of charge.

Inventory Management Programs:

We offer inventory management programs that eliminate storage hassles and increase productivity. We also provide flexible standing orders always to ensure that your lab is stocked.

Product Innovation:

We use customer feedback to develop or improve upon products to reduce errors and minimize downtime in laboratories.

Enhanced Laboratory Efficiency:

Our reagent labels and cassettes are color-coded to make it easy for technicians to find the right product quickly, every time. We’ve also introduced the Histology industry’s first jam-free, hassle-free block storage cabinet.

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